Bankrupt Stock For Sale

If you are seeking bankrupt stock for sale, then can help. We are a website that enables buyers and sellers to connect with each other then trade goods. We have bankrupt stock for sale surplus, end of the line, over ordered and end of season container stock. 

We are a membership website that enables buyers and sellers to tap into our years of experience with brand owners, retailers, suppliers, freight and shipping companies. 

We generally offer fashion, sporting goods, electronic goods, toys, technology products and toiletries as the key products types. Why not sign up and become a brands365 member and be introduced to new buyers or sellers and bankrupt stock for sale you have previously been unable to access.

1. Join

A supplier joins to market and sell goods. A buyer joins to find goods from sellers to buy goods. Membership is £240 per annum.

2. Bidding

The bidding for each product starts when goods added to the bidding area and are approved by brands 365.

A price is accepted and confirmed at the close date.

3. Win

Successful buyer is notified of succesful bid.

Buyer advises delivery address and preferred date and time of delivery brands.

Arrangement made to ship goods to buyer.

When goods are received, POD and payment is sent to supplier.

Rugby Shorts, Polos, Tees and Vests

We have a large selection of colours and sizes of Rugby shorts, vests, t-shirts and vests. Ideal for someone looking to re-sell onto a retailer or directly to a local rugby team. Read Full Article ยป